We understand your Operating Challenges because we've been in your shoes!

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Outcome Performance Solutions Inc was founded in 2019 by a group of energy industry professionals dissatisfied with the status quo. After several years of seeing organizations stumble through how to best implement modern technologies into their work processes, we felt there was a better way to help companies progress through digital transformation.

The Operating function in any industry focuses on four (4) key drivers: Throughput, Cost, Compliance, and Safety. We have learned many of today's technology buzz-words become better understood when tools (the lingo) are linked to problems that are further linked to functional performance.

We exist to help organizations take advantage of three primary elements: digital skills, industrial information technology, and global manufacturing best practices. Our understanding and awareness of these elements, combined with extensive energy-domain expertise, provides an unparalleled service. Our intent is to transfer tacit knowledge to our customers so they can quickly develop a leading digital capability.

We believe the combination of curiosity, deep sector knowledge, and love for technology makes us different from everyone else. No one else is as equally weighted.

Outcome Performance Solutions Inc. will work with you in two ways:

  • Professional Services via performance analysis, business case development, and opportunity framing
  • Managed Services via program implementation, connected services, or integrated operations

While others focus on services, tools, and widgets, we are busy focusing on Outcomes

Harnessing expert-knowledge and technology in a way that systematically helps our clients become more profitable.