Value Proposition

We help reduce Risk by applying deep Operating knowledge, understanding of workflow, industrial information technology experience, and global manufacturing best practices.

Unique Qualities

  • Our team has extensive Operating Function experience - we've been in your shoes
  • While most firms in our space focus on services, tools, and widgets - we focus on Outcomes
  • We understand the field, field office, and home office - the work, needs, and cultures
  • Our roots in Industry X.0 technologies are profound - we translate methods into results
  • We walk the Performance talk - ROCE is part of our DNA
  • We create less but capture and deliver significantly more

Professional & Managed Services

Performance Analysis

While our team has an in-depth understanding of the Operating Function, we first seek to understand where you are at, where you want to go, and what you believe is standing in your way. Although harnessing expert-knowledge and technology together will lead to a step change in profitability, its essential to first understand how a team approaches goal setting, risk management, performance measurement, and other success factors. Upon completion of the Analysis, we will have a better understanding of your digital-readiness, and subsequently, the recommended pace forward.

Business Case Development

Whether you already have an idea of where to go and why OR you've received an OPS Performance Analysis report, we can help craft your business case. We believe all company resources are scarce. Every case we put together follows financial management principles and provides industry standard outputs. We will recommend strategies to reduce capital outlay, minimize execution risk, and reduce project schedule. Furthermore, we will provide performance management templates to help ensure you are able to measure Return on Investment (ROI)

Program Services

If you have developed a Digital strategy or have in-flight productivity projects targeting the Operating Function, we can help increase the likelihood of meeting expected outcomes. Current industry practice, which we believe is flawed, puts the Information Technology (IT) professionals in the project drivers seat. While this may be the best course of action in other industries, we firmly believe that in the energy industry, the Operating Technology (OT) professionals are better suited to drive digital transformation. OT professionals are highly skilled in modern IT plus they have operating domain expertise. When time is of the essence, why waste it bringing those unfamiliar up to speed?

Integrated Operations

One of the most underutilized methods for increasing decision quality and productivity is Integrated Operations (IO). The underlying concept is quite simple - put resources together (regardless of org-chart) in a physical space based on workflow and time horizon. If short-term Operating Integrity is a priority, it just makes sense to co-locate resources tasked with delivering on THAT Outcome. We can help determine the readiness of you your company's culture to move towards IO and provide a sense of the timing of benefits.

Coming Soon


We're assembling the most flexible, configurable, comprehensive, and effective solution for managing the complexities of an Operating Function. Anchored in the OPS way of focusing on Outcomes & Risk Management, 3dOPS™ brings collections of data, workflow, and technology together in a way will increase the likelihood of exceeding operating expectations.

3dOPS is an Intelligent Management System, powered by prediction machines fueled through different types of data: time-series, media, natural language, and modelling.

It is through the work of our prediction machines that Insights are created. When those insights are presented to decision-makers, better decisions are made.

While others focus on services, tools, and widgets, we are busy focusing on Outcomes

Harnessing expert-knowledge and technology in a way that systematically helps our clients become more profitable.